Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 | Week 6-Elimination Details. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting

Bigg Boss is a Telugu reality show, telecasted  on Star Maa. 16 people will be under one roof, for 106 days, monitored by multiple cameras! This  reality show  hosted by Tollywood superstar Nani.
Telugu Big Boss season 1 was hosted by young tiger NTR which was a sensation in telugu television.It had set all time highest TRP ratings.Young tiger NTR had set high standards to this reality show with this hosting.
After season1,Natural star nani is trying to uplift bigg boss telugu season 2.Although he is not as sucessfull as tarak in hosting the show but he is trying to manage well.

The TRP rating of Star Maa channel reveals that every 2nd person in Andra Pradesh & TS watched Bigg Boss Telugu on the launch date and the rating also states that about 60% of total Telugu viewing audience has watched the show in the very first week. It has launched with an amazing 15.1 TVRs point and lot more to come.

In the first week and second week, commoners sanjana anne and nutan naidu got eliminated from the show.In the third week, kireeti got eliminated.In the fourth week, anchor syamala leaves the house with lot of emotional outbursts.In the fifth week,bhanu sree got eliminated from the big boss house.


  1. Amit Tiwari
  2. Nandini
  3. Deepthi Sunaina
  4. Tanish Alladi
  5. Geetha Madhuri
  6. Deepti Nallamothu
  7. Babu Gogineni
  8. Roll Rida
  9. Tejaswi Madivada
  10. Kaushal
  11. Samrat Reddy
  12. Ganesh (Commoner)

Week 6 Eviction promo of Telugu Bigg Boss 2:

You can find the Week 6  promo of the show which gives a brief idea on what will happen today evening.In this episode we can know which housemates are going to be in nominations.



Geetha Madhuri became the captain of the house.As a captain,geetha madhuri is free from nominations.Bigg Boss asks the housemates to pair up and tells Geetha to handcuff them.Based on the mutual understanding,housemates should free one of the housemates and the one with handcuff’s gets nominated.Bigg Boss gives a secret task to amit to save himself from the nominations.Bigg Boss announces that amith is free from the nomination as he completes maximum tasks given in the secret task.
Housemates in nominations in week 6 are:
  1. Tejaswi
  2. Samrat
  3. Tanish
  4. Deepthi
  5. Roll Rida

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process:

Each week one person will be eliminated. This week five contestants are nominated for the elimination process. Anyone watching the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 can vote for their favourite and save them getting eliminated. They can either vote online via google or through a missed call.

Bigg Boss Telugu
Bigg Boss Telugu Voting
  1. Enter the URL ” google .com ” in your address bar
  2. Search for the term ” Bigg Boss Telugu Vote “
  3. A Small snippet will appear showing the participants in the danger zone
  4. Choose your favourite and allocate the 50 votes based on your wish
  5. Sign in using a valid Gmail ID in order to successfully submit the votes.
  6. Wait for the results!

Based on the poll results,housemates will be eliminated.

Telugu Bigg Boss Show Timings:

The airing of the show will happen around 9:30 pm IST on weekdays and around 9:00 pm IST on the weekends. This reality show will be telecasted in STAR MAA TELEVISION for the next 100 days with the aid of 90 cameras.


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