Don’t forget to take this….When buying diamonds

Don't forget to take this....When buying diamonds

Want to buy diamonds? But this news is for you. Many items in the market are now fake. That’s how they make and sell counterfeit counterparts. Sometimes these are harder to find. However, such fraudulent fraud is happening in diamond sales. Generally it is difficult for ordinary people to find expensive metals such as gold and diamond. Taking this advantage ,Some are selling synthetic diamond in place of diamonds. But to avoid such frauds,bill should be taken when buying diamonds says jewelery manufacturers.

‘Synthetic diamonds are like the original diamonds. However, their price is 25-30% less than real diamonds. In developed markets, these are sold separately in synthetic diamonds. But in some places they are sold at a higher price as the original diamonds. Customers can not distinguish between synthetic and natural diamonds. That is the reason why these frauds are happening, “said NAC Jeweller Managing Director, N. Anantha Padmanabhan .

To avoid such frauds, you must take the bill when diamonds are bought. “Today some people are buying diamonds without bills to wipe out taxes. This is why synthetic diamond business is growing. There will some fear for those who do business with bill to sell synthetic diamonds in the place diamonds. That is exactly why the bill should be taken, “Anantha Padmanabhan said.


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