FIFA match..Putin umbrella scene got viral

FIFA match..Putin umbrella scene got viral

Moscow: The FIFA 2018 World Cup was hosted by Russia. France won the FIFA 2018 World Cup.President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar attended the final match in Moscow.Putin umbrella scene got viral.

After the match, a funny incident occurred on the ground. FIFA President Gianni Infantino was also standing at the podium, along with three heads of the state. During the trophy presentation it rained heavily. Then the crew behind Putin brought the umbrella and shielded him without hesitation. However, the staff did not care if Macron, Kolinda and Gianni were standing in the rain. It is noteworthy that the crew had only one umbrella for Putin. Shortly afterwards, umbrellas were brought for the rest of the leaders.

The cameras took photos of Putin under the umbrella and now they become viral in social media. Is there only one umbrella around for Putin in Russia? That’s why the netizens are throwing the shots. Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah also made comments on Putin. “Putin’s umbrella scene is highlighted than the trophy presentation program,” tweeted.

More comments on Putin Umbrella Scene

“Does anyone else think it extraordinary that Putin stays nice and dry under a HUGE umbrella , while allowing the Presidents of Croatia and France to half drown under a DELUGE ? Hospitality ? Not so much.”

“Sir how many umbrellas should we bring?
Putin: Just one. They didn’t let us win. Let them soak!”

“In Mother Russia only Putin gets an umbrella”

“Putin having his own Umbrella Guy while everyone else gets soaking wet in the rain is an absolute power move”

‘Is there only one umbrella in Russia?’

“Putin is the Rajinikant of Russia. Rain doesn’t wet him, he wets the rain”

“Imagine being the person on the platform who had the first umbrella. Then having to deciding which world leader to hold it over. Putin probably your safest option.”


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