Kaushal Manda Vs Babu Gogineni in Australia…..? Who will Win?

What Kaushal says about Bigger Boss….!

Kaushal Manda – Second Season in Bigg Boss Telugu a super hit and is still on news. Kaushal is busy with his army in australia to meet his fans on 1st December. Recently kaushal announced that there will be a debate between him and babu gogineni. They coming together to share a screen in Australia organised by a local channel. There will be a big debate between them.

When staying in Bigg Boss house, they both maintained good friendship in the beginning. Later, Babu Gogineni made several allegations on Kaushal and his army. While in house, he also mentioned to send him out of Bigg Boss house.

Now a days, Babu Gogineni seems to be lying low while other contestants are active in social media. Kaushal released a video about his debate with Babu Gogineni. In his words it appears to be a serious debate. Who win the debate is a big question to fans and common audience.

In social media, already a war started between both fans. Everyone eagerly waiting about what intellectual questions will Babu ask Kaushal. Its seems to be a tension for Kaushal army, even they looking cool outside.

Due to recent controversy about kaushal doctorate, Babu Gogineni is going to point that out in his debate. In recent times there being many allegations on Kaushal. It was clarified that Kaushal will not be receiving any doctorate. Harvest Bible University responded on Doctorate to Kaushal and said they even don’t know who is Kaushal. Some news spreading that kaushal not got any call from PM office, As kaushal himself said he got a call from PM office. News about Guinness World Records for getting highest number of votes in a show is to be cleared wether true or not.



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