Kaushal Manda request Fans to – ‘Don’t Trust Rumors’

Kaushal Vs Rumors.....!

Kaushal Manda BiggBoss Telugu 2 winner continues to maintain healthy relationship with his fans. The model-turned-actor, chose to elaborate that his wife Neelima, who has been his biggest support system, has been diagnosed with cancer on this in his recent LIVE interaction with fans on his Instagram handle. Though he hasn’t revealed further details of the condition that Neelima has been diagnosed with, Kaushal mentioned that she is currently resting and they will get her treatment started very soon.

Kaushal after winning BiggBoss Telugu Season 2, said that he has been acting in a film directed by ‘Maruti’, famous for his works like ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ and ‘Kotha Janta’. Recently addressing the media at a press conference, Kaushal revealed that his wife Neelima who is the biggest backbone to his life has been diagnosed with cancer.

Kaushal promised to stay positive and march ahead with his social service activities through Kaushal Army Foundation. He also urged fans to stay strong and not believe in false allegations of any kind. He announced that he will soon furnish the financial statements of Kaushal Army Foundation.’

Recently Kaushal met AP CM Chandrababu Naidu Garu.

After his meeting there are rumors are spreading, so kaushal manda posted a message in his Instagram wall.

“I’m not at all interested in politics. If I was really into politics, I would have joined the day I got out of Big Boss. I love Pawan Kalyan Garu as an actor. I like his acting and and his attitude. In the same way, I like Chandra Babu Naidu Garu for being a real and an intelligent leader and I support him from bottom of my heart. Every person has their own personal interests and favourites and, I just let my interests known. I’m not into any party, I stay neutral regarding political issues.”


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