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Summer Care for the year 2019 – Beat the heat with easy and effective tips…

Summer Care for the year 2019 – Beat the heat with easy and effective tips…

Summer Care is very essential to protect yourself from the Heat Wave.. Lets discuss some simple rules and tips that keep your family and yourself safe.

Best of Three:
  • Hydrating
  • Clothing
  • Staying at Home

The rise of temperature over last week in South India(Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala) and rest of our country(Gujarat and Maharashtra) results in victims. Some state governments started precautionary measures like Half-day Schools and warning people to stay indoor during aftrenoon’s.

Summer Care

Coming to hydrating your body, in summer season, our body loses fluids and minerals at higher amounts, which results in sun stroke. Those who working outside are more effected. Even people stay indoor need to take excess amount of water.

People are recommended to take fruits and vegetables like watermelon, sweet lime juice, cucumber, etc. These foods are very effective for summer season in keeping body well hydrated due to high water content in them.

Soft-drinks are not replacable for fruits and veggies. As we know that soft-drinks are high in ‘Caffeine’ and large amount of artificial sugar that can cause de-hydration. Just normal Water is more effective than Soft-drinks. coconut water also helps to hydrate your body in summer.

Clothing is another factor considered for heat-reduction in Summer Season. As Black color usually attracts more heat, keep it safe for winter season. In summer season only prefer while color mostly, or light colors. Also prefer cotton clothes that makes you comfortable. Make sure, clothes should be loose-fit.

Finally, best option is staying at home during mid-day as the temperature rise mostly in afternoons. Staying Indoors help to keep body cool. For people with Heart problems must avoid direct heat. Diabetes and kidney problem patients also need to stay home as much as possible.

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